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Plastpol 2018
Podręcznik SOLIDWORKS 2018 Nowości w programie, porady praktyczne oraz ćwiczenia
Innoform 2018


Typ: CAD Dodatki Producent: CSC
Automated 2D and 3D structural drawings using the most comprehensive AutoCAD based modelling system for Structural Engineers. Within 3D+ a single model is created from either the extensive library of structural objects, or provided automatically from integrating design solutions. From this 3D model, 2D drawings such as floor plans, sections, details and 3D views etc. can be created automatically. 3D+ handles all forms of construction and material types.

3DM Import for AutoCAD

Typ: Dodatki Producent: SYCODE
3DM Import for AutoCAD to dodatek pozwalający użytkownikom AutoCAD import plików geometrycznych 3DM .
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